To what type of education does Lightschools apply?

Every type and every level of education is suitable as long as people want to learn in a humanistic way.

Why is Lightschools not always written with a capital letter?

When we talk about the central organization or the global ecosystem, we use capital Lightschools. When we talk about local initiatives, we are talking about lightschools, in small letters.

Can we choose or keep our own school’s name?

The name of your lightschool initiative is up to you, as long as you act and create from the central vision and Lightschools Common Principles.

As a teacher, do I have a job guarantee within Lightschools?

A lightschool teacher is addressed as an entrepreneur. We therefore expect you to make your own living and take the necessary actions to that end.

Which authorities participate?

National and international authorities participate at the global level. Local authorities participate at the local level. Within the memberships they have access to different spaces.

What is the role of parents within Lightschools?

School and home are partners, coordinating education together. Besides, parents could be involved from their work or expertise. In addition, they could be the initiators of a new lightschool, or become a lightschool teacher or connector if this is something they aspire to. In short, there are many options. It all depends on the wishes and talents of the parent.