We are facing unprecedented social, environmental and economic challenges. We hold on to numbers, statistics and models, while these can no longer describe our feelings of insecurity and not being heard.

  • People want more autonomy
  • People want to be challenged more
  • People are increasingly educated

At the same time, people often lack the skills to adapt and thrive in an ever changing world. The many changes create complexity and that requires collective effort.

How can we live, learn and work in a different way so that people and organizations use their natural power to create authentic, regenerative, glocal changes?

How can we create a system in which, not only children, but society as a whole can reconnect, rediscover and regenerate their potential AND the potential of the planet?

Lightschools® is a reimagining of human development and organization. An opportunity to think outside the ‘big box’, providing a new and innovative perspective on living, learning and working. It creates an open structural form in which Students, Business Entrepreneurs, Households, Teachers and Connectors partner up. They co-construct a life-learning path allowing them to become the best version of themselves while facing today’s worldly challenges and creating valuable solutions together.