Within Lightschools we distinguish five different participants. Here you will find out what the different roles are and how you can contribute.

The student's description here applies only at the global level.



We want to develop a lightschool.

New school - We want to start a new lightschool

Are you interested in starting a lightschool? It takes courage, faith and leadership to build a new lightschool from scratch. Being supported and inspired by other initiatives going through a similar process, makes it more easy in many different ways. We connect you with each other and train your lightschool teacher(s) and connector, who guide and coordinate the authentic development of your lightschool.

Transforming school - We want to transform our school into a lightschool

Let us be honest: transforming a school successfully is a challenging job. It requires dedicated and inspired people who are determined to make the transformation possible together. It is important that the current principles of the school already strongly correspond to the principles of Lightschools. A number of things are particularly important here. Are you...

  • ... Open to be trained as lightschool teachers and connectors?
  • ... Centered around the uniqueness of the student?
  • ... Stimulating entrepreneurship?
  • ... Already involving the wider living community?
  • ... Providing ample time and attention for art, culture and sustainability?

And most of all, are you eager to learn and open to share and collaborate with other initiatives?

Can you answer yes to all questions? Then we would like to explore possibilities with you.

Please contact us to see how we can support you in your process. We are developing different Memberships for schools. Under Academy you will find more information about the training of lightschool teachers & lightschool connectors.


I want to guide and lead a local & global community, and develop my teacher personality & profession.

A lightschool teacher is a teacher in authentic living and learning. It is someone who is a natural leader, a guide and an example for the students and the lightschool community. He or she challenges oneself to be better everyday. A teacher acts from trust and respect, is passionate, open-minded, flexible and accessible. A lightschool teacher feels responsible for everything concerning the lightschool.

Lightschool teachers can come from any background, as long as they are mature, socially just and creative problem solvers, who are not afraid to make mistakes. They inspire and coach others to develop their potential in a sound and practical way.

A teacher believes wholeheartedly that everyone can succeed in life and would like to take a crucial place in the personal development of other people (students in particular). A teacher uses his courage, energy and conviction to improve things justly, effectively and sustainably. To that end, he or she builds up (and is part of) strong teams that share the same values and are resilient.

Are you a future lightschool teacher?

Do you recognize yourself in the description above and would you like to become a lightschool teacher?

Take a look at our Academy . We are happy to tell you more about how we can offer you support in this journey. The first module is starting this summer.

We are developing different Memberships , so that you can learn from and with each other from the start.


I want to build valuable & vital collaborations.

A lightschool connector is the right-hand man or woman of the lightschool teachers. Together or agreed with teacher(s), a lightschool connector:

  • develops a clear strategy to ensure active participation and ownership of the education and innovation process among students, parents and community members.
  • explores the possibilities of including open-minded local artists, designers, scientists, technologists, companies, entrepreneurs and government in the lightschool network.
  • organizes sustainability projects in which students, a teacher and various disciplines are involved. These projects reflect successful academic and non-academic learning and meet the needs of the parties involved.
  • trains involved disciplines in the required mindset, skills and tools to participate in a lightschool according to the principles and values.
  • sets up the online environment for the local lightschool and the parties involved

A lightschool connector is a networker, an organiser and an educator. He or she puts their personal qualities, courage, energy and conviction into the creation and development of valuable collaborations.

Are you a future lightschool connector?

Do you recognize yourself in the description above and would you like to become a lightschool connector?

Take a look at our Academy . We are happy to tell you more about how we can offer you support in this journey. The first module is starting this summer.

We are developing different Memberships , so that you can learn from and with each other from the start.


I want to represent & support students worldwide.

Are you highly inspired and motivated to think about educational development and innovation on national and international levels? Do you want to represent your fellow students in international discussions with teachers, authorities and international organizations?

Your voice is - and students’ voices worldwide in general are - important to ensure that education and innovations continue to serve new generations at all times. You feel involved and responsible, are full of innovative ideas and like to think about how local and international processes can run more student-(future)-friendly. You are not afraid to bring sensitive topics to the table and are open to other cultures and ideas. In short, do you want to use your qualities and courage for a bright new world?

Please send us your motivation video and an official permission of your school here.

We are developing a special student membership.


We want to participate in, support & facilitate lightschools.

Are you a national authority or international organization that wants to work with us to ensure that local lightschools can flourish? Do you want to enter into a sustainable partnership?

Authorities & International Organizations

• Participate in lightschool projects centered around sustainable development goals

• Influence the development of local lightschools and the global ecosystem

• Discuss national & international (educational) developments openly with ligthschool teachers and student representatives

• Empower lightschools with your resources

We are happy to think along with you about how you can give space, provide support and deploy your connections. Within Lightschools we distinguish five types of support:

human power - recruiting new members & supporters

mental power - information, concepts, ideas and beliefs

financial power - funds, cash and financial stock

artifactual power - devices, products, construction and infrastructure

natural power - (raw) materials for (re-)use, physical spaces for lightschools & our Academy

Do you see opportunities on which you could and would like to support us?

We would like to hear from you. Fill in our contact form here.

We are developing a special membership with which you can contribute in a sustainable way to Lightschools.

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