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Living is Learning will be released in early 2021. To put the stories and concepts in the book into practice, we create 13 workbooks in line with Lightschools Common Principles. You can contribute to these workbooks! Do you want to stay informed about the book and how you can contribute? Register here to learn more and to be the first to be able to order the book.


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Britt van Mensvoort is the founder & initial creator of Lightschools and author of the book Living is Learning. Britt is a bridge-builder, who explores life outside the frames. She considers it her purpose to let people (re)find their authenticity and empower them to create the change they want to see in the world.

In her professional career she has worked as a psychologist and a university, primary school and dance teacher. During a personal transformation she had a lot of life-changing insights, which made her more dedicated than ever to contribute to a sustainable transition of society, based on her own qualities. She became a certified yoga teacher and immersed herself in the research world. With Lightschools, she aims to co-create a transition of society in such a way that flourishing is possible for all involved. She believes in the power of everyone and in the magic that happens when we join forces. Let's show the world what is possible!

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Willy Wijnands is initial co-creator of Lightschools, founder of eduScrum and a passionate Chemistry and Science teacher since 1976. He is a true connector and therefore also co-founder of the global initiative Agile in Education. “It is not about doing agile, but about being agile”, as Willy says. He uses eduScrum and the agile mindset with students and trainers worldwide in all his classes and projects, no matter the subject.

An important basis for his thinking and acting has been created in his years of involvement in Aikido, Chi Kung and Shiatsu. He wrote and contributed to several books on agility and eduScrum (the eduScrum guide, Agile and Lean Concepts for Teaching and Learning and Scrum in Actie). Within Lightschools Willy wants to build a bridge between the educational system and market requirements. He believes that we can empower each other by collaborating. Together we create projects and products that contribute to a bright new world and develop students into lifelong learners and leaders of tomorrow.

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Kristina Fritsch is the initial co-creator of Lightschools and works in various educational, cultural, and art projects with learners of all ages. She implements and lives agile learning concepts. As part of the eduScrum team, she trains teachers and lecturers from primary school to vocational training as well as eduScrum trainers in close cooperation with Willy Wijnands. She is highly interested in gaining and giving impulses to create spheres of inspiring human encounters and shared learning.

As a certified Scrum Master and Product Owner, trained by the Scrum founder Jeff Sutherland, her focus is mainly on the introduction of agile methods in small and medium-sized companies. Kristina wants to encourage and empower people to flourish in and for a peaceful and humanistic future. As an educator, resilience trainer, and mother of two children, Kristina loves to support enthusiastic teachers, students, and people dedicated to education all around the world.