You will be asked to go through the following steps to complete your application online:
  1. Please fill out the application form completely. You will be asked to upload a document, so make sure you have it ready.

    What document?

    - Your Purpose Letter, Video or Audio with a clear ‘As… I want to become a lightschool teacher or connector/part of Lightschools/… so that…’
    There could be more than one ‘As… want… so that….’ in your Purpose Letter, Video or Audio.

  2. Please read and accept the Financial Agreement and the General Terms and Conditions
  3. To complete your application you will be asked to submit an online payment for the deposit. We accept all major credit cards.
  4. You will receive an automatic email confirming successful online application, when the complete application form with payment is submitted. In case you do not receive this confirmation email, please get in touch with us via email.
  5. Within 10 working days after we have received your complete application, you will receive an email from the Lightschools Academy, informing you about the next steps.
Do you need support with your enrollment? Feel free to contact us at academy@lightschools.org